Doing nothing, earning cash
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Doing nothing, earning cash

After almost a year not working that much on my stock music portfolio (except for managing and pruning libraries) I find it’s time to see what the ‘damage’ is. I mean, there has been money made here so it’s not that bad. I am not going to put exact values here, only rounded percentages. I hope that’s fine. Although I’m blogging about my financial situation and values, I’m not quite ready yet to throw everything on the internet as some of the bloggers in the financial space do.

If I can count 2018 as a 100%, because it has been my best year so far and 2017 as a 56%, then this year has been a 73%. However, I’m not talking thousands of euro’s here. 2018 was far below that. So stock music, as fun as it is to create, is not a day-job. Maybe one day when I have more time. Haha. When I see these numbers I don’t think it’s that bad to create a library over 500 tracks (I have about 50 left after weeding out the crappiest ones) so it creates more serious play money to invest. At the moment it partially pays for the software I rent from Adobe.

Top selling stock libraries

The top selling websites at the moment are Pond5 and Motion Elements. At Motion Elements the sale per item has dropped significantly since they introduced that Global Content program. Now once every four weeks they add some money to my Paypal account. So it’s less but a bit more predictable and constant. Pond5 was dabbling in a same sort of construction but I’m not sure if they got it off the ground yet. At the moment one to a couple of sales per month is a great extra income stream.

This brings me to the meat of this little blog. Be happy with what you get. Thos big libraries are doing what they want and the way I see it every change is not a good one for creators. Even if they market it that way it is mostly a reduction in income. But the libraries are not always to blame. They have to keep up with the market and be fairly competitive price wise.

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