Don’t quit your 9-5 yet…
Stock Creator

Don’t quit your 9-5 yet…

Do you feel like your creative talents are being put to waste with your 9-5 job? Do you wish to pursue your passion in creating music while earning money at the same time?

Well to your surprise you can! Welcome to Stock Creator, where we help you create your own creative stock content and make money too! Get ready to become a Stock Creator.

Step 1: Find what type of creative content are you willing to present?

You get tons of advice to choose what you are passionate about, well that’s absolutely true. However, you must consider what the market needs and attracts people. No audience, no value! Good news is every genre of music will have its own target audience. Use this as your primary filter while creating content so you become an expert in your own field.

Also note that before creating content, don’t worry about how good it will be, or whether it is going to attract a lot of audience or not. As said, just go with the flow. The more music you create, the more you will learn in what you are good at.

Step 2: Don’t just act like a pro, be a PRO!

Practice makes perfect. Make sure you have decided what software to use to compose your music so that you can properly choose your tools.You can develop your talents further by using online tools or softwares. There are countless YouTube videos and free sites to
help you just do that. If you are ready to invest into yourself fulltime,
consider paid online courses.

Step 3: Identify what you can’t do! And do the other things really well.

As a start up, you may come up across certain task in producing your content that you have no knowledge about. Technical details such as developing a website to present your work, organizing your music library or making archives can be beyond your technical abilities or even time. Successful creators always delegate what they don’t have sufficient expertise in. So go ahead and check freelancing sites to give you a hand at what you need help in.

Step 4: Go Social with your brand.

Apart from building a website where all your musical content is posted, you must develop a strong online presence. Your daily workflow must include continuous updates on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, etc., making it the easiest way to connect to your potential customers. As you are developing your own music content, consider posting them on websites or libraries to develop your own base of customers. Musical content online is shared easily and conveniently, and there are others who achieved fame just by doing that!

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