Income with my stock music while doing nothing
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Income with my stock music while doing nothing

I like these kind of blogs. There is a collection of 50 tracks out there that is making me money although I’ve done nothing the past months to add more. It’s still not enough to live off but it’s more than nothing.

Generate income while doing nothing (or working on something else).

So this is the proof that creating stock music is awesome. Even if you stop for a while to work on other projects. Stock music will be the way to keep your income from this source. The library that I’ve built up over time contains everything from deep dark electronic music to ukulele tracks that sound summer-ish and happy. 

True passive income

Okay, this requires a lot of work up front. Those 50 tracks are about an average of three to four hours each (including uploading and tagging) of work so there is a lot of time in this project. But if you have nothing else to do these blocks of time, or you want to learn to compose (better) this is time well spent. 

If you go drive for Lyft or Uber you’ll trade time and car maintenance for money but if you compose stock music. It’s skills and time for an income that only adds up over time. I know what to do now…

Write more stock music

I want to add a couple of tracks extra based of the tracks that sold well over the past year. There are a couple of websites I’m working on right now. But when they are done the studio will be configured to go back to music making. Looking forward to it!

The studio is currently in band-mode. We just found an awesome drummer and so this means we are rehearsing right now. So a lot of gear that was put into racks had to be removed and put in flightcases. Holes in your gear rack is not really motivating so blind plates are ordered to cover them up.

Band bank account

We have a bank account for my band. And there is a nice sum of money on it. But that can be more. So when the album is released (next year) I will cut up a lot of tracks (and demo’s) and create stock tracks of them. I hope this will be a nice additional income stream for my band so we have more money to work with in the future. You know, van renting and stuff.

And maybe even complete tracks. I’m not sure what the result will be if people use your band’s music as stock music. But it seems nice to have your tracks played somewhere. This can also be a great way to show publishers that there is a need for your music to use for video’s, advertisements and stuff.

So I’m happy that there is still money coming in whilst doing nothing so let’s up the game a bit!

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