Stock music do’s and don’ts
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Stock music do’s and don’ts

Okay, I love to make things simple here. And also love lists. And by love lists, I mean LOVE LISTS. So here are some practical do’s and don’ts for making and maintaining stock music.


1) Set a proper working environment: make sure your working space is well prepared with all tools and software needed to compose your music and is comfortable for you.

2) Plan your day ahead: You don’t want to be stumbling around between a bit of this project and a bit of that one. This would just
lower your performance and stress you out. So, take the time to sit and plan your day properly.

3) Make the best of what you have: In the beginning, you don’t have to start from scratch. You might have some good compositions on a
hard drive, work on them, edit or mix them and you,ve got yourself a new track!

4) Work on titles and keywords: the importance of this point cannot be emphasized enough. You could have a great track, but none listens to it, simply because your title isn’t catchy enough! What’s more unfortunate? A nice track with a perfect title, yet none hears it! All thanks to your terrible choice of keywords!


1) Don’t distract yourself, Give up your phone: If you are planning to earn a decent income from creating your own music you need the same dedication and concentration you give to your 9-5 job. Keep your distractions to a minimum and that means silencing your phone until you are done! Do we come off as an mobile phone hating club? Okay, it’s a procrastination machine…

2) Don’t over think, focus on the long-term wins:Expect to stumble over some pits, but always learn to get up right back. No musical genius created the perfect note from the first try.

3) Don’t be a Copyrights Geek: While of course you have the rights to protect your work, you have to accept with the age of internet
things will probably be shared without your consent. The effort needed to report each clip that has used your track without your permission may not be worthwhile the effort or the time. Looking at the bigger-picture, that’s some free marketing for you if you can turn that around and into an advantage!

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