The reason stock music is lagging behind
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The reason stock music is lagging behind

I think I’ve talked about this before. In my spare time I like to build guitar effects for my friends and myself and repeatedly heard that I should do something with it. Since I’m a graphic designer by trade and like to tinker with software I’ve decided to build a website dedicated to building guitar effects.

One big *ss guitar and bass effect builders resource page

The center piece of this project is a large guitar and bass effect builders resource. Here I’ve tried to write down everything I know electronic and decal related. From drilling holes in the enclosure (and using a template to position the holes correctly to debugging a faulty pcb. Okay, not the most fun and sexy subjects. But they are needed. I think so at least.

I really hope this will help people get started and enthusiastic about the pedal and guitar effects hobby. I know there are some channels where everything is explained very well but my soldering shed does not have wifi. All the information had to be printed, put in a binder and carried to the shed with me. That is what inspired me to make the resource this way.

And it is a living document that never will be finished. Lots of info, photo’s and illustrations can be added and I’m sure there are still plenty of information gaps in there.

Fresh decal designs and pcb files

After a while the stripboard pedals became faulty and unreliable. I’ve found that ordering pcb’s (the prototype versions) works way better. Not only do the pedals look more professional but building them ain’t a gamble like the stripboard versions were.

To share this joy I’ve made some of them (the one that proved to be good) available. Not the pcb’s themselves but the files needed to order them at websites like Elecrow.

The same with the graphics. It’s easy for me to share the design files so people can print them theirselves. There are a couple of designs online right now but more will follow. It’s kind of time consuming to put those packages together and upload them. And my harddrive still has some unseen designs. It would be a shame not to publish them.

So this is a work in progress. Let hope it takes off and people find it helpful.

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